For Assisted Living

Assisted Living staff provides their residents with an array of supportive services that provide a safe homelike environment. Nutritious meals, social activities, bathing and dressing, medication reminders all help the elder as their function declines. However attending medical appointments, being with the elder in the emergency room, or coordinating a complex move are not included when the elder moves to assisted living. When it’s time for an elder to move to another level of care or when family is at a distance there are no local supports to provide assistance and support.

As a care manager we:

  • Help our clients find the best assisted living communities insuring long term residence.
  • Prolong the time that the resident can stay in the assisted living residence.
  • Take/accompany our clients to the doctor any time they need to go.
  • Are on call for emergency issues.
  • Mediate problem family issues.
  • Counsel residents with adjustment issues.

As nurse care managers we can communicate and coordinate the vast network of health providers and keep all “on the same page” when it comes to providing a seamless lifestyle for the resident. Our vast network of colleagues and ability to know how to find answers to complex problems offer a real resource to residents and the staff at assisted livings communities.