What our Clients are Saying:

“We are truly grateful that we found you, Rebecca, You helped us through one of the most difficult seasons of our lives, and we shall be forever thankful.”


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“I have been caring for my mother, who has memory loss, from a distance for more than ten years. It is a heart-wrenchingly difficult task. I have worked with five care managers over the years and Rebecca and her team are hands down the most competent, caring, group of professionals with whom I’ve had the pleasure to work. (And I’ve worked with other really good care managers; it’s just that Aging Space is that good!) I have found that making life choices between “safety” versus “dignity and quality of life” are complex and not black and white. Not all medical professionals or care managers seem to understand this complexity, but Rebecca and her team do. Further, the challenge with distance care management is that sometimes you need someone at a medical appointment to make highly skilled medical decisions and other times you need someone to pick up a prescription or groceries. Every other care manager has charged the same hourly rate for both these tasks. But because Rebecca has a robust team of people with diverse interests and skill sets, she is able to assign the task to the best-suited team member and charge the appropriate rate. This means that Aging Space provides top-notch care for really competitive rates.”

-Daughter of an 81 year old

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“I am responsible for a relative who lives in Massachusetts while I live in North Carolina. With travel restrictions in place due to Covid I enlisted the services of The Aging Space and this was the best decision I ever made in caring for my relative. Sarah Bourque has taken control of her care from arranging doctor visits to physical and occupational therapies to ensuring that my relative’s private aides are the attuned to my relative’s needs. I cannot emphasize enough how appreciative I am of Sarah and her team. The Aging Space has reduced my stress level and has improved my relative’s care.”


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“Thanks for the continued updates and support, Sarah. We couldn’t do it without you and others at The Aging Space.”


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“I contracted with The Aging Space to assist me with the process of evaluating and ultimately placing my wife, in an assisted living dementia unit. I was assigned Sarah, one of their RNs, to work with us. Sarah has been a godsend to both my wife and me over the past 18 months.
We began with home visits so that Sarah could get to know my wife and understand her situation. She also provided me with criteria and recommendations so that I could make my own visits and comparisons of several assisted living facilities in the area.
Once I had decided on a facility, Sarah performed her own clinical evaluation of my wife that we could provide to both the facility and our long-term care insurance provider. We also began planning the process of actually getting my wife into the facility. Sarah was with us every step of the way and has remained a valuable resource as we have moved through the process of dealing with this disease.
Sarah went to the facility with us on day 1. I was asked not with visit while my wife became adjusted to her new home. Sarah began twice a week visits for the next 5 weeks to assure me of how she was doing with reports on her condition and how she was adjusting. On the day of my first visit, Sarah was there with me. When we needed to provide our own furniture, Sarah recommended a local vendor, helped me plan my wife’s first trip outside the facility and was there to show her the “new” furniture when we returned.
At my request, Sarah continued weekly visits until COVID hit. Her email updates were always reassuring that my wife was doing OK and the staff were doing their job as well. Once limited outside visitations were allowed, Sarah covered for me on several occasions to provide her insight once again on how my wife was doing. I can now visit my wife twice a week, but I am still not allowed into her room. Sarah, however, is allowed inside and will continue once weekly visits if necessary, to keep me appraised on her condition and how the facility is doing.
I would enthusiastically recommend The Aging Space to anyone faced with the daunting task of dealing with a loved one with dementia (or Alzheimer’s). They have the expertise to assist throughout the journey.”


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