Coronavirus Policies

Our team at The Aging Space continues to respect and adhere to all the restrictions and guidelines set in place by Governor Baker in conjunction with the CDC and the Executive Office of Elder Affairs. We are available by phone and video calls to speak with our clients, their family members, and their caregivers and supporters. We will continue to provide care management activities and to anticipate the care plan needs for clients who may need care during an illness and to support the staff who are providing daily care and support. We have established a business continuity plan in the event that one of our team develops illness. We miss our clients and look forward to returning to “business as usual”.

Each of our team members continue to observe defensive behaviors by maintaining social distancing in our personal interactions, do frequent handwashing and use of appropriate waterless hand sanitizer, and avoidance of individuals with symptoms of a communicable illness.

We are in constant communication with colleagues in Assisted Livings, Hospitals, and colleagues who are working across the state in care management. We are focused on sharing best practices and on how to enrich the lives of our frail elder clients and return to providing the care management that is best for our clients.


Rebecca Wild-Wesley
President/Owner of The Aging Space Inc™

Downloadable handouts

Caring for someone with coronavirus

  • Planning just in case
  • Caring for someone who is ill. How to maximize safety
  • Viral prevention strategies. Keeping everyone safe

Living day-to-day in the context of coronavirus

  • Keep calm and stay balanced. Addressing anxiety
  • Cold, flu or coronavirus? How to distinguish these three viruses and how to get tested.
  • Cleaning and disinfecting. Tips and a recipe for homemade disinfectant in case you can’t find any at the store.


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Suggested resources

These are credible sites we know will give you accurate and up-to-date information:

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Do you have a family Coronavirus Plan?

A Family Coronavirus Plan gives you the opportunity to talk with a local expert in elder care and aging well, to ask specific questions, and create an action plan tailored to your family’s unique situation.

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