Coronavirus Policies

We are officially entering a new season especially aligned with Massachusetts Phase II reentry. We are not close to things returning to normal, but with the ability to visit loved ones in open-air spaces at most area Assisted Living residences, our team is feeling more hopeful that person to person contact is imaginable.

Client Engagement: With this happening soon, we have developed our Client Engagement policy for resumption of visits to those who live in Assisted living, nursing homes and at home. Please see it attached here. We spent weeks in research, in consultation with colleagues and area experts, and then training our staff to be safe visitors. We have a large supply of PPE including gloves, hand wash, sanitizer, masks, face shields, and thermometers. Our supplies were provided by the Department of Public Health as we are considered essential. We will be providing supplies for our clients at no cost.

Much of our work is completed at our desks, at our computer and on the phone, enabling us to continue to provide high value during this time. But we miss home visits and look forward to resuming them – safely.

We are offering a COVID Family telephone consultation plan that can be accessed here. We would always want to work with our existing clients to complete this as part of regular care, however if you have friends or family who might need to have a private consultation about how to plan when/if COVID strikes – we would be honored if you would share this link:

Please reach out if you have any questions and we look forward to safely seeing you all again soon.


Rebecca Wild-Wesley
President/Owner of The Aging Space Inc™

Downloadable handouts

Caring for someone with coronavirus

  • Planning just in case
  • Caring for someone who is ill. How to maximize safety
  • Viral prevention strategies. Keeping everyone safe

Living day-to-day in the context of coronavirus

  • Keep calm and stay balanced. Addressing anxiety
  • Cold, flu or coronavirus? How to distinguish these three viruses and how to get tested.
  • Cleaning and disinfecting. Tips and a recipe for homemade disinfectant in case you can’t find any at the store.


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Suggested resources

These are credible sites we know will give you accurate and up-to-date information:

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